What are the stage lighting design styles


In our daily life, the stage can be said to be a regular presence. The design of the stage should take into account many factors. Among them, the stage lighting design can be said to be more important point. So, what exactly is stage lighting design?

What is stage lighting design

The stage lighting design starts with the analysis of the physical properties of light, follows the principle of stage lighting design which is harmonious and unified between technology and art, and expounds the knowledge of equipment, light position, cloth light, expression technique, artistic effect and so on layer by layer. The key chapters also attach a detailed case introduction, vividly and intuitively express the stage lighting design of the operating concept, but also conducive to specific teaching practice.

What are the stage lighting design styles?

1, computer lamp: This is a DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal control of intelligent luminaires, its light color, spot, illumination are better than the above conventional lamps, is a rapid development of a kind of intelligent lamps in recent years, often installed in the face light, top light, stage back steps and other positions, its running color, shape, diagram, etc. can be prepared operating procedures. Due to the different power sizes, there is a difference in the use of the stage. Audio company ordinary small power computer lights, only suitable for ballroom use. On the stage small power computer light line, spot is often the stage spotlight, backlight fade, so in the selection to pay special attention to.

2, chasing lights: is the stage lighting fixtures, characteristics are high brightness, the use of lens imaging, can present clear spot, after the adjustment of focal length, but also can change the light spot true and false. There is an active light bar, can change the color of the light, the lamp body can run freely and so on. At present, there are more types of market, label indicators are not the same, with power as the norm such as: 1KW halogen light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source, etc., there are intervals as the standard light chasing lamp (light strength, illumination at a specific interval), such as 8-10m chasing lights, 15-30m chasing lights, 30-50m chasing lights, 50-80 chasing lights, etc., and in the function of identification as: mechanical chasing lights, its focus, light bar, color change are completed manually; The other is a computer catch-up lamp, its focus, light bar, color change, adjustment color temperature are pushed and pulled electrical appliances and automatically completed, so in the selection must carefully select a variety of indicators.

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LED Matrix Lights

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