Three Basic Lighting Types for Stage Lighting Design


I. Effective Lighting

Effective lighting is a kind of illumination device to show the phenomena of rain, snow, cloud, wave and flame. It can also illuminate the background of singing and dancing drama. It is a very important means of lighting in modern stage. The effect illuminator is different from the general slide projector. It has large volume and strong brightness, and can be projected. It is a special projector for the stage.

2. Floodlight (astigmatic or flat light)

The floodlight has the characteristics of wide illumination range, soft and uniform light, and other colors can be obtained by adding color filters. The floodlights used for stage lighting are generally designed as a row of lights for large area lighting. Lighting for local effects of the stage uses individual lamps with adjustable angles. The floodlights can't have spot and obvious mark of spot edge in the range of stage lighting.

3. Spotlight

Spotlight is the basic lamp for stage lighting. Its light system is mainly composed of concave reflector and concentrator. Its characteristics are: bright in the middle of the spot, clear edge, narrower projection range than floodlights, in the projection range can adjust the intensity of light. Adjustment can be divided into two types: light source movable and lens movable. Local projection effect can be obtained by adjusting the illumination change of the projection surface. Concentrator is generally used in facial lighting, slap, side lighting, column lighting, top lighting, etc. At present, it is widely used in stage lighting.

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