STSLITE_Xinghai Academy Of Music Dance Show Case(Lighting Design) video


In the first part, we introduced the overview of the show and the lighting design scheme. In the second part, let's enjoy the video of the party,discuss the artistic effect and charm of stage lighting together.


Stage lighting is a kind of beautiful art. The designer skillfully uses lighting, control system and various technologies to design and produce various lighting effects, so as to create a colorful stage scene, so that the audience can fully experience the aesthetic feeling and deep connotation of art in the process of appreciation.

Lighting is a brush, designer is a painter, lighting art is to use different colors, angles, shapes and patterns to interweave a beautiful painting, so that the performers can express their emotions in the painting, and the stage becomes the spiritual world of the performers, thus showing the audience an art endowed with soul.


Lighting and setting together constitute the stage background and create the stage scene. The set creates a real artistic scene, while the Stslite light reflects a virtual scene, creating a no mood, making up for the unreal artistic effect that the set can't produce, making the stage scene integrate with reality, enhancing the quality of the stage picture, and forming a perfect artistic scene.


Lighting creates a beautiful artistic atmosphere, conveys emotion and infects the audience. Different colors of light, contrast of light and shade, and changes of temperature and warmth can set off different scene atmosphere, cooperate with actors to perform, shape character image, express inner feelings of characters, and then increase scene atmosphere, causing different emotional changes of audience. For example, bright light can cause positive and pleasant psychological changes of audience, making the stage full of vitality; and dark light can make the audience watch The audience has negative and sad emotional changes, immersing the stage in a sad and low atmosphere; and red passion, white holiness, blue melancholy, etc., further sublimating the performance scene to make the audience feel the artistic beauty of the stage.

Lighting highlights the theme and connotation of stage performance. The lighting designer highlights the artistic effect of the performance theme with the light, and deepens the spiritual and artistic connotation of the performance.


Stage lighting is the important of stage performance, which not only makes the stage effect beautiful, but also weaves rich emotional connotation through the alternate use of different lights, making stage performance more artistic charm.

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