STSLITE_Lighting Design Scheme of Ancient City Wall


Rencently,we have a new lighting design scheme of Ancient City Wall.

Lighting makes the building more dazzling

The function of light is not only to illuminate the building, but also to be the disseminator of architectural art, so that the building itself can convey its own feelings and talk with people under the light.

In environmental art design, light is an essential design element. It can also be said that there is no space without light. When an object is illuminated, it will inevitably produce various light and shadow effects, and there must be some logical relationship between them, which may be psychological or physical. In addition to the three dimensions of general physics, there is a fourth dimension of "time" in the building itself. 

Therefore, through the transformation of light, we can reconstruct some time color from the perspective of psychological logic. The combination of light and its external dynamic feeling makes the internal emotion of the building object expand and extend, infecting the viewer.

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The heart of architecture is abstract and image, so it is difficult to express it in a direct way.Lights help architecture to express themselves. So we need understand the light, design the light, use the light to express the architecture's emotions.

Then The building is more dazzling.

More video effect please visit our website Video or our youtube.

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