Stage lights are often used for lamp positions


Stage lighting can give the audience a better viewing experience, there is no doubt that stage lighting for the performance has a very great role. And the stage lighting has some commonly used lamp positions, although it is a few simple lamp positions, but it can have a very good effect. But in order for the lamp positions to work well with the performance, we must have a deeper understanding of the various commonly used lamp positions.

1:Face light

Installed at the top of the audience hall outside the stage. Light is projected from the front to the front of the stage, and the light on the actor's face is face light. It can achieve universal brightness, eliminate the easy to produce "dead end" in the picture, but also adjust the light ratio, increase or decrease the contrast, to show the role of equilibrium, to avoid local exposure. However, if this light is not applied in conjunction with the light of other light levels, it will lack the brightness level and stereoscopic sense. Therefore, the face light can only be used as basic lighting, basic tone, on the stage does not play the main task, can not become the main light and image-building tools.

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2:Side low face light (pick table light)

Picking the stage light is generally set at the front end of the second floor of the audience, can increase the overall brightness of the front of the stage, with floodlights can be used to illuminate the stage and close to the stage of the audience part. Picking light can provide auxiliary lighting for television broadcasts and conference news coverage, and the light is projected from both sides and low fronts into the stage performance area, complementing the "face light".

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3:Table side light (pillar light)

Column light is used to make up for the lack of face, slap, choose the right lamp can also be used as a close-up lighting, in addition to hiding a line of effect lights at the building desk, for the stage lighting effect to provide a more flexible means of performance. On both sides of the stage mouth curtain, the lamps are mounted on the "stretching platform", "vertical iron pipe" or "fixed iron frame", the stage false platform (top piece) is provided with a light crossing bridge, the side piece is equipped with a side light position (pillar light).

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In addition to the above three, there are slap (out-of-table metering), skybridge metering (cage light bridge light), ground metering (flowing light), top light, foot light, backlighting, skylight (background light), light chasing and special effects light.

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