Outdoor Lighting Applications


Excellent lighting design works must conform to the laws of aesthetics. First of all, its perception is uniform, the whole building is one, the lighting of various departments is just right, different light color, different ray direction and the resulting different halo shadows have achieved a unified effect.

In the light distribution processing can be used contrast, rhythm, repetition, equilibrium and other forms of beauty treatment principles to reflect the building, the use of light strength contrast and light color changes to highlight the treatment of key parts, such as the top of the building, the building entrance and the building needs to focus on the part, the use of the building facade itself has the rhythm changes and according to the law of this change to cloth the lamp, can produce a rhythmic beauty. For symmetrical buildings, we can produce a steady sense of equilibrium by using symmetrical cloth lamps, and for asymmetrical buildings, we can achieve the same effect by using the principle of composite equalization.

LED Matrix Lights

LED point control wash wall lights.

Power: 180W.

Control mode: DMX512 main/from automatic voice control single control.

Automatic models: color changes, faders, color gradients/color jumps.

Waterproof rating: IP20.

led stage lighting

Outdoor projection is one of the best large-scale real-life images in the world today. The building facade, mountains, fountains and other real-life three-dimensional, life, so that the reality "move" up. With colorful, three-dimensional picture, to create a sky-breaking, frozen snow wrap and other visual effects, constitute a wonderful visual wonder. Maximize the visual and visual senses of the viewer, feel the visual "wave" of shock.

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Outdoor projection lamp will be projected from static landscape to dynamic sound, light, electricity perfect fusion level through the application of multimedia acoustic and photoelectronic simultaneous demonstration technology, increased the interactive and interesting visitors in the process of sightseeing, changed a single sightseeing mode. And by creating different styles, themes, from the visual, auditory, tactile and other multi-faceted visitors to sensory stimulation, multi-faceted to create a three-dimensional, interactive, stylish landscape, so that visitors indulge in the world of light and shadow and linger.

led light manufacturers

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