Common Issues and Solutions of Moving Head Lighting


   Moving head often has some issues in practical application, such as no electricity, light source is off or uncontrolled and etc. Once a malfunction occurs, it usually causes great embarrassment and inconvenience to the show. Today let's talk about that.


Issue 1. The device is not power.

Solutions: a.Please check the power cable,powercon,power plug;

                     b.Please check if the fuse is good;

                     c.Please check the power supply.


Issue 2.The light source is off or flickers

Solutions:a.Please check the light source is good;

                    b.Please check the fans are working;

                    c.Please check the temperature control.

                    d.Please clean the radiator window,it's better once a month.

                    e.Please Make sure the voltage is stable, or the light source will explode or break   down.


Issue 3. The device is uncontrolled

Solutions: a.Please check the dmx cable;

                     b.Please check the dmx address of device;

                     c.Please check if the dmx signal light flickers,flicker means good;

                     d.If all above is good,but the device is still uncontrolled,means main board or display board is wrong;


Issue 4. The belt of the device is broken

Solutions:  a.Please check if the Pan and Tilt movement are good condition;If it doesn't works, You can turn it manually.If it's loose, it means the belt is broken.



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