Love Story Between Man and Snake



This story comes from the ancient Chinese legend called the legend of white snake. It tells the story about a man Xu Xian falling in love with a beautiful snake Bai Suzhen, but being blocked by a monk Fahai.


Using the white water pattern effect of LED profile moving head light, the top light is 10% light blue, matching with the fluctuating silk, it looks peaceful, opening Xu Xian's memories. With the ups and downs of music and the development of plot, 10% white ground light gradually enters, increasing the fluctuation range of silk. Bai Suzhen and Fahai appear on the stage. At this time, the top light LED profile moving head light is gradually turned into 100% and the high display finger is 90,and the warm white temperature of 3200K is used to fix the point on the dancer. The 3200K warm white par light is gradually entered at the same time, clearly showing the fierce fight between Bai Suzhen and Fahai.


The LED profile moving head light and 3200K warm white par light fade out, and the top and side light gradually enter 80% light blue. The dancer and silk are transformed into a snake in the light blue atmosphere.


Gradually enter 4pcs 371W BSW 3in1 light blue fixed point in the dancer,then dimming fade out.


Gradually into some white top lights and 3200K warm white par light, Xu Xian appears to help Bai Suzhen. Gradually into the last red top light and top side light white, rendering the love between Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian.


Gradually entering the top light 10% purple light, top side light 10% white light, ground side light 10% light blue. Bai Suzhen is fixed on the stage, and a 3200K warm white surface light gradually enters.


All lights fade out, the right side of the stage lights blue strobe, the left side lights red strobe, top light blue white alternate strobe, using the time difference, combined with the tight rhythm of music, rendering a tense scene atmosphere, the whole performance to the climax.


Strobe off, top and side lights 10% blue, instantly calm the stageXu Xian full of melancholy ended his love and memories.

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