Lighting about Program_Memories Of A Young Women


Memories Of A Young Women


The program tells a story about a young girl. The young women missed the joy of playing with her companion by the river when she was a young girl.


At the beginning of the program, turn on a 3200K warm white light, gradually enter 30% dimming brightness to outline the figure of one of the dancers. When warm white light fades out, the dancser's outline disappears slowly. Turn on a LED profile moving head light in the center of the stage, gradually enter 60%, 6300k white light to illuminate the main dancer with white gauze in hand. Light mingles with the beautiful dance the national music, which opens the memories of a young girl who used to wear white gauze, dance and have a good time at the riverside. The real state of the dancer is restored by the high CRI and Ra light, showing the process of the dancer's memory from fuzzy to clear, which increases the audience's sense of substitution for the role of the dancer.


The ground lights on both sides of the stage are lit, and 10% dimming blue light gradually shines to the four dancers. The LED profile moving head light fades out. Turn on the PAR WASH lights, and gradually add 10% magenta. then gradually add 10% white light. Magenta gradually change the purple and blue. 30% dimming purple and blue gradually shines all dancers. Designer choose the main color of purple and blue light, and the white gauze is dyed with melancholy color, which expresses the dancers' melancholy of remembering the past good times. The specific purple and blue light renders the white gauze, presents a unique sense of fluorescence, responds to the theme, and more helps to express the dancer's yearning.

The music is joyful. At this time, Lights are all gradually changed to 100%. At the same time, the 3200K warm white light are all gradually lit. At this time, the dancer's facial features are gradually clear, and the stage scene color is warm. The combination of warm white and purple and blue light, together with the brisk dance, expresses the joy of dancers' memories of dancing and playing with their partners by the river bank in the past.


This program scene mainly uses the combination of light color change, dimming, dance and music. Therefore, it is important that the lights should have a smooth dimming function, have a variety of dimming curves, dimming delay options, high lamp source color saturation and good color mixing effect, so as to make a beautiful stage scene.

Attached the design drawing for you,look forward to hearing the good idea from you.

PWASH5403: PAR WASH                     80pcs

SHARK600:371W BSW 3in1             20pcs

COB PAR:                                                12pcs

SHARK800: LED profile BSW 4in1       4pcs

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