Light Show: Not just the lights, not just the show


Light show, as a combination of sound, light and electric art expression, shows a variety of ways. But no matter how the way of presentation changes, the expression of art can never be separated from the "human" feelings and experiences.

With the improvement of science and technology, people's ability to accept new things is also increasing. What is a good light show? This requires a process of constant exploration and reflection.

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Pass on interesting souls with artistic design

"SKALAR" is a large-scale device that explores the complex effects of light and sound on human perception. Christopher Bauder, a German light designer, and Kangding Ray, a musician, provide audio-visual accounts of radiation vector graphics and multidimandissional sounds in the dark industrial spaces of Craftwalk, Berlin.

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"SKALAR" reflects on the nature of basic human emotions and their all-round feelings by combining a large number of moving mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and complex multichannel sound systems.

In the light, sound changes in the tone of change, awe, surprise, resonance, expectations, irrational emotions with the work of the deep cycle changes, to create a holistic and highly personalized emotional experience.

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Give cultural heritage a deeper thickness

A work wants to impress people, there must be a temperature, and the temperature of the work lies in respect for history and multicultural heritage. Light show as a modern art works, but also need the integration of history and culture, the light show rooted in the soil of culture to draw nutrition, without harming historical monuments and buildings, with lighting to give these historical witnesses new vitality.

Tang, Sheng Dynasty, eight parties welcome, four sea Qiping, this is the silk road at its peak. Women, dancers, dancing in neon feathers, silk road trade prosperous scene ... A scene shows the Tang Dynasty people's open, culturally inclusive scene, leading the audience through the millennium.

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Create a new business card for the city

Guangzhou International Light Festival after seven years of growth, has been with France, Sydney and listed as one of the world's three major light festivals. Has been sincere and ingenious, for Guangzhou to shape a set of science and technology, art, culture as one of the light art event, continue to polish this has been formed guangzhou city culture new IP, trying to use the light to let the world see the beauty of the sheep city, with creativity to let the world appreciate Chinese wisdom, to create a new city business card.

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In recent years, with the improvement of popular art taste, light show is no longer rare. As event practitioners and light show creators, in the evolutionary iteration of technology, lighting display technology is constantly strengthened today, should be more face to face their own hearts.

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