Introduction to staining lamps


Staining lamp products are new LED products, the use of a wide range of. Staining lamp mainly has computer shaker dyeing lamp, LED dyeing lamp.

The lens projection angle can be adjusted according to customer needs, the smaller the projection distance, the farther the spotlight, resulting in infinite color processing effect, these are traditional lamps can not be compared, energy saving, quality and stability.

LED Matrix Lights

Scope of application.

Can be used for indoor stage, taxi effect, face light;

Can be used for outdoor mobile performance (water and dust performance is very good, IP up to 64, can act on the water park, underwater world), installed in any position on the stage;

For the hotel gate to produce unlimited color processing effect, improve the hotel's grade;

For theme parks, antiquity buildings, resorts, skyscrapers;

Exhibition activities for a variety of products, according to the different needs of the product and change colors, so that visitors produce good visual effects, improve the environmental level of the venue;

For catwalk shows, auto shows, etc.


The computer shook its head and dyed the lamp.

Computer head dyeing lamp with advanced design, so that it has a unique, strong, compact features, but also with easy to operate, safe and reliable and so on, Light decay is also a major feature of it, not blindly sacrifice life to pursue high brightness, but in order to ensure good cooling conditions to control light decay at 20% (standard service life of 30,000 hours);

Built-in to spread heat, speed up the spread of heat, good waterproof design;

Have an independent control system to easily separately debug luminaires and brightness procedures;

led stage lighting

LED staining light.

LED dyeing lamp, can provide RGB mixing and comprehensive color processing effect, color pure rich, is widely used in large-scale variety shows and entertainment venues for color rendering effects. The housing consists of die-cast aluminum and aluminum alloy, and the waterproof grade can reach IP55/65;

Sufficient cooling space and unique heat dissipator design can make the LED heat dissipate quickly, coupled with good ventilation performance, the heat on the heat dissipator can be completely discharged from the lamp body, so that the lamp temperature is kept below 60 degrees C;

LED power supply part die-cast aluminum to play a rain-proof role, the exterior smooth with controlled display, convenient independent operation, in the absence of control station control conditions can also save the previous data. 2 power cords, 2 signal line inputs and outputs below the lamp body. Power cords and signal cords can be connected separately to facilitate simultaneous input of signals.

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