How to design stage scene lights


fiest: the design principle

Stage lighting system design is in accordance with the law of stage art performance and special use requirements for configuration, will be a variety of performing arts reproduction process required lighting technology equipment, according to the system engineering design configuration, so that the stage lighting system accurately and successfully for the art display services:

1. Create a complete stage light free space, adapt to all cloth light requirements;

2. In order to enable the system to operate continuously, increase reserves and expand space as appropriate;

3. The system's anti-jamming capability and safety as an important design indicator;

4. Energy-efficient cold lighting new lamps are introduced into the system design;

5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced into all aspects of system design.

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second:Process requirements

1. The process design and equipment configuration of the system have the function of integrated theater, and can rotate the lighting operation scheme of different kinds of plays in a short period of time.

2. The system design can be quickly converted from one lighting scheme to another, with the conversion time completed in 2 hours.

3. The system allows the use of all types of lamps and other supplementary equipment.

4. The system is designed to have sufficient security and storage capacity, and the entire system performs continuous diagnostic checks on the main control station without interrupting the main power supply.

5. The equipment in this system fully conforms to the technical requirements of stage background noise, and in the empty field state, the noise and external environment noise of all lighting equipment are not higher than NR25, and the noise of test point 1M effect equipment is not greater than 30dB.

6. The expansion capability of the system is intentionally reserved at the beginning of the design of the system, such as power silicon control capacity, network capacity, until the future abundant funds or the emergence of new technologies, so that the system is not due to lack of design and large-scale modification or update, to save money and quickly adapt to changing needs.

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third:Design instructions

Stage lighting lamp placement of the top light, location constitutes a cloth light array, all parts of the stage have cloth light points, put an end to dead areas, flexible and flexible on-demand combination.

1, top light system design and configuration Top light action is the stage depth of the performance space to carry out the necessary lighting, top light configuration of a variety of lamps, greatly improve the light transmission, can be used for stage top light cloth or dyeing.

A. The configuration luminaires are distributed as follows: The stage is empty and features a total of 20 overhead light booms. Each of these top lights uses a different number of lamps

B. The arrangement and projection method of lamps: The first top light and the surface light interface lighting starring area, when the attention to the height of the character, can be in the first top light position as fixed-point light and placement of special effects light, and select part of the lamp to enhance the performance area fulcular lighting; The front and rear rows of light are connected, so that the stage performance area to obtain a more uniform color and brightness.

2, computer lamp design and configuration

Computer lights are mainly arranged on the stage empty top light pole, can arbitrarily adjust the lamp projection angle, brightness, change pattern, beam size, color and other functions, to ensure that the performance of the computer lamp change requirements.

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