How long is delivery time of stage light?
It depends on the project. Contact to learn how we can help meet your desired delivery schedule. Guangzhou STS Lighting Equipment CO.,Ltd can provide much better delivery period since we maintain a proper degree of inventory raw materials. To be able to present the very best service to customers, we've optimized and fortified our inner procedures and technology so we can fabricate and deliver stage light quicker.
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STS Lighting Equipment is positioned as a leading manufacturer of par led. The Waterproof four color audience lamp is one of the main products of . For STSLITE led moving head spot to be produced, raw materials, water, and additives are required. All primarily related building materials are delivered to the factory and stored properly. The built-in microprocessors ensure its fast and smooth movement. The future development prospects of this product are worth looking forward to. Its robust and compact design makes it resistant to vibration.
STSLITE Array image556
The firm is dedicated to implementing its goal. We will work hard to provide professional and valuable customers service delivered with a sense of warmth, passion, friendliness, and team spirit. Contact!

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