How do I lay out and design stage scene lights?


The stage is a place for actors to show their style, so the stage scene lighting is one of the means of stage scene modeling. If we can effectively use the stage lighting equipment, with light color and its changes, not only can show can render the plot atmosphere and create the stage's sense of space, time, but also can highlight the image of the central character, shaping the external image of the stage performance. Several key points and considerations for stage lighting design:

1: Instrumental concert.

(1) Turn on the top lamp, the face lamp, so that the audience can see the musicians, musical instruments and playing techniques.

(2) Highlight conductors and solos according to the plot.

(3) If necessary, equipped with table lamps, so that the player can see the score.

(4) The audience should maintain the appropriate brightness so that the audience can see the program.

concert stage lighting

2: Song singing class.

(1) According to the plot and clothing to determine the background color, the performance is not easy to change frequently.

(2) Top light, face lamp easy to use light color.

(3) The number of participants is small, with lights to narrow the outline of the stage.

led stage lighting

3: Drama and art.

(1) Use more white light or light, highlighting the colorful clothing and makeup.

(2) Use face light to highlight the actor's expression and gestures, but not too strong, so as not to cause reflective facial oil.

theatrical stage lighting

4: National dance.

(1) The background light should be strong and gorgeous.

(2) Top light, face light to be white or light, highlighting clothing, expression, posture.

(3) Appropriate selection of light chasing, highlighting the lead dancer.

theatrical lighting

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