How about production process for PAR Lights?
Production consists of all those processes that involve converting the input to a finished product that can be marketed. All work should be done concurrently with product structure analysis and product performance requirements analysis so that product requirements are influenced in intelligent ways by process requirements and vice versa. In some cases, essential product requirements must influence process decisions, while in other cases, process requirements must affect product characteristics. This process should result in optimizing requirements at the large system level, including products and processes.
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After years of steady development, Guangzhou STS Lighting Equipment CO.,Ltd has grown to be a leading manufacturer of moving head wash. is mainly engaged in the business of moving heads and other product series. STSLITE haze machine is well designed. It is carried out by our designers who have a good understanding of water temperature and reverse osmosis. It can produce several lighting effects, such as gobo rotation, shaking, and rainbow. We have a professional lab to ensure high quality for this product. Its light beam has a perfect wide scan field and has no flick.
STSLITE Array image812
We guarantee that led dj scanner performance meets local requirements. Get price!

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