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                                                                The Florence Town Theatre in Foshan was designed and installed by our company and delivered to Party A for perfect use.

                                                                                  The professional design and construction team has been unanimously affirmed by Party A.

                                                                                  The theater adopts professional stage lightings independently developed by the company, models as below:

                                                                                  SHARK800 LED profile/spot/beam/wash 4in1 hybrid moving head lighting 16pcs

                                                                                  CPAR200Z LED zoom par wash lighting 40pcs

                                                                                  QUAD1818IP RGB LED par wash lighting 47pcs

                                                                                  SHARK600 LED spot/beam/wash 3in1 hybrid moving head lighting 6pcs

                                                                                  CPX400 LED spot profile high CRI  lighting 12pcs

                                                                High quality construction team, safe and standard construction site.

                                                                                  The whole stage adopts electric lifting boom, which enriches customer‘s experience.

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