Five common techniques forbar lighting design


When it comes to bars, we're sure to think of all sorts of colorful, blind lights. Bar, stage, dining table... The lighting in every place is designed. So what are the forms of bar lighting design?

LED Matrix Lights

First, the basic lighting of the bar lighting design

Basic lighting in order to let the audience see the stage clearly, see the performance clearly. The first step is to give the whole stage a basic lighting. The basic color light is the atmosphere of the whole stage light, determines the tone of the whole lighting effect, or enthusiasm, or romantic warmth, or the root table melancholy.

Second, the bar lighting design of the character lighting.

up performances, large areas of lighting by the basic white light solution. Bar design local lighting, the host's lighting with chasing lights to solve, so it is best to match 2 to 3 lights, to cope with different occasions to use. Fleets or other more fixed performers can be cast with beam spotlights.

Third, the bar lighting design background lighting.

The background of the cabaret changes with the performers, and each change is due to aesthetics or the needs of the program. Background light is to put these background objects properly highlighted, so that they blend into the performance, baking theme, commonly used background lights have skylights, curtain lights, beam lights and so on.

Fourth, the basic effect of bar lighting design.

Consisting of directional beam lamps, with three-dimensional space of styling beauty, color changes, modeling can be randomly combined by the stage lighting artist, change.

Fifth, the bar lighting design of special effects lighting.

Computer lamps are the best special effects luminaires because of their superior performance and varying effects. But other basic effect lights must also be considered. A variety of different lights can show different effects. So it's reasonable to combine the lights to create a unique bar

LED Matrix Lights

Each lamp mechanical lamp, for some of its function is relatively single, fixed lamps, will feel that they are not easy to control, so it can be less with some. In order to make the color of drinks and food realistic, so the color of the choice of light source is better.

Bar is a very relaxing, very high entertainment venue, its lighting is actually a lot of fine, reasonable use of various forms of bar lighting can make a bar appear higher grade.

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