Brief introduction of STSLITE
STSLITE has been developed for many years and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. R&D and production are supported by experienced technicians. It has good sales in both domestic and foreign markets. Its exports account for a large proportion of total sales.

Guangzhou STS Lighting Equipment CO.,Ltd spares no efforts to stand firm as the moving head wash trend leader. scanner light series manufactured by include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. STSLITE dj light controller is manufactured in strict line with the production procedure. With a high-speed motor, it has fast and accurate movement. STS Lighting Equipment is deeply trusted by customers from all over the world for its high quality haze machine. The built-in microprocessors ensure its fast and smooth movement.

We are committed to encouraging more sustainable practices for both our customers and our suppliers, and to drive sustainability through the supply chain.
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