Application of beam lamps


We all know that beam lights can play a very strong visual effect on the stage, for the performance of the atmosphere has a impact, then, the more beam lights the better ...

In fact, in a performance, any lamp is just to bake the theme, whether it is the rendering of the scene, the portrayal of the characters, or the performance of the effect, the lighting is an auxiliary role, unless your performance theme is lighting ... However, dense hemp to the beam of vision, will also cause sensory fatigue, resulting in a sense of extreme disgust.So, how should we design, in order to grasp the balance, to create the most appropriate effect?

Beam lamp is a very good lamp, but not the only lamp, we can give full play to the imagination, according to the needs of the performance with a variety of lamps to show a variety of effects, stage lighting is an art, art creation is endless, do not stick to any norms, as long as you can show good results, any kind of lamp can become your brush.

Indoor, outdoor effect.

LED Matrix Lights

LED Matrix Lights

A beam lamp is the concentration of a light source in one focal point so that the light source is more concentrated emission, forming a beam. Such a lamp is called a beam lamp, which is popularly known as a spotlight.

For example,the M BEAM 180.

1: Input voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60W.

2: 200W white light highlights LED beads.

3: 14 DMX channel optional.

4: Fully intelligent high temperature-resistant electronic line protection.

led stage lighting

led stage lighting

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