Advantage of LED Lighting


Now there are many LED lightings in the market,such as:LED Moving Spot,LED Moving Beam,LED Moving Profile,LED Wash and etc. They can completely replace bulbs or lamps for performances, conferences, studios and other shows.

We mainly produced LED Lightings.Let's talked about the advantage of LED lighting.Also welcome to leave your ideas in our inquiry chat.

Advantage of LED lighting


a. High light efficiency:


The luminous efficiency of LED light source is up to 150 lm/w, which is 5-8 times     higher than that of lamp light source.


b. Infrared radiation is very low, low power consumption and more energy-saving:


The very low infrared radiation of LED light source is a cold light source, which has low power consumption and more energy saving. And the calorific value of lighting devices is greatly reduced. The requirement of air-conditioning refrigeration in Studios is greatly reduced. It will further reduce the power consumption and improve the working environment.



c. Facula more uniform


LED light sources are evenly arranged and distributed, and there will be no effect of mid-spot.



d. Long life and low maintenance cost:


The service life is as long as 30,000 hours, which is 150 times longer than that of lamp light source. Considering the manpower and material resources required for later maintenance, more maintenance costs will be saved.



e. High safety and stability:


LED belongs to the solid light source. It is safe and reliable. There is no hidden danger of broken lamp and the possibility of burning other articles due to excessive heat. At the same time, LED lightings can respond quickly to the control system without delay. For example, in daily use, LED lightings can be used as electronic strobe, while light bulbs can only be used as mechanical strobe.



f. Environmental protection:


The production process of LED does not use heavy metals, which will not pollute the environment. It is a environmental protection light source.

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